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Canal de FITNESS MOTIVACIONAL com conteúdo selecionado de colaboradores e influencers fitness brasileiros e internacionais.
Quer aparecer? Marque seu video com #comotreinar para poder divulgar seu trabalho. Mostre suas rotinas e estratégias de treinamento a través do maior canal fitness do mundo.
Condicionamento físico, fisiculturismo, alongamento, ioga, motivação fitness e dicas de exercícios para pernas e glúteos assim como para perder barriga são alguns dos nossos principais pilares temáticos.
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Gear Down

Hi! We are Gear Down. We make cool inspirational workout videos. It truly means so much to have your support. Support US on Patreon!
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Carmen Amara

Artist with a passion to inspire and travel around the wold in nature performing. To purchase videos, pictures and gear/apparel visit
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Anual Awards To The Best In The Fitness Industry WWW.FITAWARDS.COM ©
All videos edited through collaboration with our fitness influencers team. U wanna appear? Hashtag your content with #fitawards .
If any doubt, suggestion or claim, please don't hesitate to contact us via email
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OBJETIVO: Que te motives con entrenamientos y rutinas, en este canal te explicamos los ejercicios, la forma de ejecutarlos, con diferentes atletas y que te sirvan de inspiraicion para mejorar tu condicion de vida.
Canal donde encontraras todo lo relacionado al FITNESS y sus derivados. Con vídeos, clips y comentarios sobre los entrenamientos mas usados por Atletas profesiones traídos a ti para que entiendas la forma correcta de realizar los Ejercicios, y también aprender a realizar tu rutina de gimnasio.
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I want to motivate girls for a more active lifestyle with a focus on Fitness and health. Get in shape, be motivated and inspired by looking at my workouts videos. It is important to take care of your health and body you only live ones. Find a sport or fitness routine that you like, and do it regularly. Calisthenics workout is a great way to work out because you get in touch with so many big muscles. Calisthenics is a great training form for young and adults, you can train calisthenics anywhere and everywhere Is based on self-weight training. My favorite exercise in Calisthenic is an upper-body exercise, pushups, and pull-ups. Pushups are great for building muscle in your chest, shoulders, and triceps and improving your core stability. Pull-ups is an exercise for your back, biceps, and grip, and it is a great fun exercise and it is also important. I want to show girls have hard they can push themselves 'girl power'. I think it's important that we inspire each other.
Love from Trine A.A
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Fitness Babes

Fitness workout & motivation for girls
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Fitnessvids Pro

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